Be My Booth Photo booth hire is based on the Mornington Peninsula and services a wide range of areas for a number of different events. Be My Booth photo booths have the ability to either be an open or closed photo booth. Which means we have the perfect photo booth for all occasions.

Photo Booths are the life of the party…. Long after guests have forgotten the deejay/band and cake they are still going back to the photo booth for more!! Your guests will also have a keepsake from your event….. The photos they took from the photo booth!

Don’t waste your money on a candy buffet, trinkets or gifts for each place setting as majority of that stuff gets thrown away anyway! Put your money towards a Be My Booth photo booth and be assured that everybody will take home a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.

Photo booths keep kids, and grown-ups alike, entertained for hours as they take silly pictures and show them off to other guests. Best of all, you get all the individual photos, plus the digital copy of the printed layouts on a DVD and also uploaded to our website for all your guests to be able to jump on and view all the images for themselves, so you can all print out more copies later or put them on your own website and social media pages such as face book and Instagram!

There are several benefits of having a photo booth at your special event, but the following are the top incentives to have one at your next event or function.

•The biggest benefit of having a photo booth at an event is that every guest gets a chance to pose in front of the camera. In large events, it is quite impossible for a professional photographer to take pictures of every guest the way they want. With a photo booth added to the event, all of your guests can easily take turns at getting their photos clicked, either individually or with friends. This way, all of your guests can get the equal, undivided attention of the camera without feeling ignored. If you want to pamper your friends and make them feel like the star of the day, a photo booth is a must-have at your event.

•Another major benefit of having a photo booth is that it prints instant photos. The camera is attached to a printer, which is why photos can be printed out without having to wait for days. This way you will be able to present them to guests as souvenirs to thank them for being a part of your life’s important event, Be My Booth can also add a magnetic strip to the back of each photo allowing your guests to be able to put these photo strips on their fridge!

•Having a photo booth at the party is a sure way to add some entertainment and fun to the party. No matter what the event is, a photo booth is a perfect place where people can lose all their inhibitions and pose for photos the way they like. The props and costumes that are provided by Be My Booth are so crazy and fun that people just love them, and we have such a wide range we have something to suit all ages and events! With a photo booth, the guests at your party can have the time of their lives with a camera and these absolutely crazy props to pep up their photos.

So give your guests a perfect time by having a photo booth at any special occasion you are celebrating!