Why should I hire a photobooth?

For any type of event, a photobooth will be a that fun added extra, not only does it capture your night but people love getting a little crazy and loose inside a photo booth. The biggest benefit of having a photo booth at an event is that every guest gets a chance to pose in front of the camera. In large events, it is quite impossible for a professional photographer to take pictures of every guest the way they want. With a photo booth added to the event, all of your guests can easily take turns at getting their photos clicked, either individually or with friends. The resulting album makes a fantastic keepsake, filled with individual photos and messages from your guests.


What type of event is suited to hiring a photobooth?

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate Events
  • School Graduations and formals
  • School reunions
  • Trade shows
  • Fundraisers


Should I hire an open or closed photo booth?

This is why Be My Booth is so popular we have the ability to give you either an open or closed photo booth the choice is entirely up to you!! The benefits of hiring an Open Photo Booth is that The OPEN Photobooth is a modern alternative to traditional enclosed photobooths. Its unique open-air set up is designed for party life, and is much more inclusive and entertaining than traditional booths. Instead of guests having to line up with only a box to stare at, they can watch the fun going on, and get involved by shouting suggestions or jumping into the shot. The other benefits to an open photo booth is that your backdrop can be whatever you desire, we have a stunning lace backdrop to choose or you can have it against a certain wall, gardens or even design your own backdrop with your logo designs etc on it. The benefits of a closed photo booth is that people do not get shy, being behind that certain people think they are invincible and therefore the photos can be a little funnier and more outgoing. We also have a few coloured backdrops for the closed photo booths too.


How many photos do we get?

UNLIMITED!!! There is no limit to how many photos your guests can take during the hire time.


How Many pictures are on one photo Strip?

There are three images plus your customised logo down the bottom


Can we have an album of the photos?

Yes you can choose to have an album for your duplicate photos. During your event, our attendant will take one of the duplicate photo strips and place it into your album. Your guests can then choose to write a message next to their picture. This creates a fantastic, personal and unique keepsake of your event. The album will then be given to you at the end of the function for you to take home, no waiting around for weeks on end!!


How many people can fit in the booth?

Be My Booths Photo Booths comfortably fit three- four adults. It is possible to squeeze extra people in if they lean in from the sides. We have had about 8-9 adults in one of our closed photo booths


Is the photobooth easy to use?

Totally! Anyone can do it from children to the grandparents! There are two buttons on the touchscreen black and white and colour press one and the photo booth will begin shooting!!


Can I have colour and black & white photo strips?

Yes absolutely!!! Be My Booths photo booths have the ability to choose each time you step into the Photo Booth for black and white or colour images.


Can I have digital copies of the pictures as well?

Yes this is included in Be My Booths Packages. We will send you a free DVD of all the images taken at your event, and also upload the all your images onto our website on a pass-coded album just for you… you can then give your password to all your guests at the event and they can take as many photos off there as they would like.

How long does the booth take to print the photo strips?

Only 16 seconds! Not only that, the pictures are specially coated to come out dry so they won’t smudge as soon as you touch them.


Can the photo booth be placed outside?

Absolutely. The photo booth can look great taking photos outside and can withstand most weather conditions except the wet ones, if it is raining or due to rain the photo booth must be placed undercover.

Can I have my event information or company logo on the photos?

Of course you can. We design custom layouts with the events message, company logo or whatever you want. We ask you what you would like if you already have a logo great and if not we can design something to suit your needs.


Our venue has several flights of stairs. Is that a problem?

No stairs are not a problem it just requires extra manpower so please let us know prior to the event if there are stairs and if so how many so we can make sure there will be no problems.


What happens if there is a technical problem with the booth?

As our photo booths are digital there is a very slight chance of a mechanical problem. The Photo booths are modern and robust. Sometimes they need supplies replenished such as paper and ink but our booth attendant will not be far away should any issue arise and they always have extra ink and paper with them should this happen. You and your guests have nothing to worry about with Be My Booth.


Can the booths be used at night?

Yes, it actually looks better at night. Our Photo booths have all the lighting it needs built in.


What type of camera does the booth contain?

We only use professional DHL digital cameras, the same as professional wedding photographers. Please be aware of other photo booth companies using low quality cameras and webcams as your photos will not turn out the same. The clarity and colour of our photo booth is amazing. Please ask to see the difference between our images and our local competitors.


Does an attendant stay with the booth?

Yes. We always have a photo booth attendant at your event at all time to help assist you and your guests during the function. The attendant will encourage guests to use the booth, put on props and create your album.


Do we need any special electrical outlets for the booth?

No. The booth uses a standard AC 240 volt power outlet.


Where can you deliver the booths? / What area do you service?

We are based on the Mornington Peninsula and service all throughout Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding suburbs. Delivery for our Photo booths is Free up to 100KM from Rye on the Mornington Peninsula.


Are you fully insured?

Yes we are full insured and have public liability.


When will the photos from our event be available on your online gallery?

We’ll have them available for you and your guests to view within 3 working days after your event. (Normally they are uploaded the following day)


What are your set-up requirements?

For the best outcome, we generally require a covered space of 3 metres by 3 metres. This ensures there is enough space for all your family and friends, queuing and additional items such as our props and guestbook tables.


How much time do you require to setup at my event?

To ensure we are all ready to go in time for your event we arrive about an hour prior to your event start time. If you would like us to be set up earlier than this or by a certain time just let us know. However there may be an Idle Time charge. At the end of the session we pack down the booth and take it away as quickly as possible


Can you do children’s parties?

Absolutely!!! Children love playing up to the camera and pulling some funny faces while dressed up in all of the props. Photo Booths at Children’s parties are fast becoming a very popular theme!! They entertain themselves in the photo booth. Please Request our photo booth attendant with her working with children’s check should you wish to have a children’s party.


Do I need to pay the whole balance up front?

No, when you make a booking, we ask for a deposit payment of $250.00, to confirm your booking date with us (pending the availability of your dates). The remainder of the balance is to be paid 14 days prior to your event. (For more information regarding our payment terms please read our terms and conditions page.


What happens if I cancel my booking?

All booking cancellations will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.